About Us

Welcome to Little Amor where we collect all those little somethings to love.

Sometimes it is the smallest love tokens, those tangibles reminders that touch us in the most meaningful of ways. Be it a line or two from a poem or a song that are reminders of things we have treasured through time, a grandmother’s special recipe, a hide-away location, or a symbolic token from the heart.

Let Little Amor show you the treasures from our heart, gifts of beauty and meaning and love to inspire you.  Linda, the creator of Little Amor, is known for her sense of innovation and passion through her involvement with live televised special events, as well as her dedication to form and visualize beyond the obvious to see the love behind even the smallest of gestures.

What do you love?  Help build Little Amor with your contributions as we collect the little somethings from life and share our vision with you. heart