Heart on a string and more…

heart string

Who has captured your heart?

A heart bound by a knotted rope to symbolize partnership and everlasting love.

Limestone heart bound by a knot.

$80.00  Item#AC105

8.5 x 8


Wine name charms

A fun and humorous way to nickname wine glasses – no confusion here!

$30.00  Item #AC113

set of 12 – each tag $1.25

Ladies’ Man, Mr. Fabulous, Shoogie Woogie, Little Miss Sunshine. Mamacita, Honey Bunny,

Big Daddy, Honey Child, Googley Bear, Captain Awesome, Sugar Mama, and Love Muffin.




Says it all…..

Price:  $56.00 Item #PW117

1 pound – weight

by: Sugarboo


A few great gift ideas from the garden gates.com

Enjoy these wonderful little surprises.